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Types of audio transcription without copidequeque

In this article, you will learn about the 7 types of audio transcription most used in the main transcription companies. 

This guide was provided by my freelance job as writer in pay for essay. The audio transcription service is about transforming spoken text into written text. Easy, right? There are, however, some more complex features that involve the proper execution of this activity. Therefore, we will present them below.

The are types of audio transcription that we are going to present fit into the two standards already presented and vary in shape and nomenclature according to the purpose for which each transcription is intended.

Types of audio transcription without copidequeque

In the transcript without copidsque, we did not correct the syntax during the writing of the text. If the person said “we went to the cinema”, we keep talking with the deviation of syntax. In other words, we do not make any structural adjustments to the text.

As for the spelling, even in a transcript without copyediting, never write, for example, "was how a chi you said." On the contrary, we always write the words according to the orthographic standard of the Portuguese language, in other words, “I didn't tell you that”.

  1. Engraving

Recording is a type of audio transcription for legal purposes. When in court, the parties involved in the proceedings may, when necessary, use recordings as evidence or statement of facts.

Generally, as the audios are not as easily manipulated as the text (which can be spelled out, highlighted in different ways), the judges prefer to read the transcripts. Rarely are cases where audios are accepted by the judge. For this reason, we very often make recordings for lawyers and other characters in the legal world.

The audio transcription is done in full ( verbatim ), including everything that has been said and exactly as it was said, without editing. The way it was said by a defendant can serve, for example, as an instruction to contextualize more complex and subjective situations.

  1. Transcription of psychotherapy sessions

When a psychologist contracts the transcription of their sessions, they usually want their patients' conversations to be held exactly as they were said on the tape. The intention is to provide an analysis of the speech and behavior of your patient under the prism and criteria of Psychology.

Types of audio transcription with copidesque

In the transcript with copidsque, we correct the spelling and syntax according to the standard norm of the Portuguese language . If, in the recording, a person said “we went to the cinema”, the transcriber will correct it to “we went to the cinema”.

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