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Are You Worthy of Having What You (Really) Want?

what you want


Haley is attractive, adventurous and enterprising. She’s been seeing a guy off and on for over two years. They’ve lived together, they’ve parted. They get together and then split up.

Only one thing is constant. Nothing ever changes. The guy she likes isn’t willing to move forward.

Haley questions her worth in a romantic relationship.  Sometimes she feels like having a relationship with someone who really won’t make a commitment is better than having no relationship at all.

Sound familiar?

If so, I’ve got eight words for you:

Oh. Yes. You. Are. Worth. It. You. Are.

Who are you not to be?  In other words, what are you willing to receive?

If a guy you like isn’t moving forward and keeps dragging his feet towards making a commitment, you have three choices:

1.  Keep Going

Keep going this way forever and ever and ever and ever until all the energy drains right out of your relationship. Right out of you too, by the way.  Not to mention the time it can take.  And then what?

What if he still won’t move?  What have you got?  (Besides more lines and wrinkles.)

How much time and energy is this really worth to you?  You are paying a very high price.  How much are you worth receiving?

2.  Confront Him

Oh, this is nice.  Confront him for doing what he cannot do.  (At least not today.) (Or come to think of it, the last two plus years.)

He will not make a commitment if he doesn’t want to be committed to you.

You would know if he wanted to make a commitment because he would have told you.  He would have said something like, “Honey, I want you.  Let’s make it legal.”  (In his words, of course.)  Men do that.  Men ask for what they want.

So if you confront him, be ready to leave him for good.  Because that’s your only option if he doesn’t want you.

Are you worth being with someone who does?

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